At Bloom mantra, we provide Psychological counselling service for individual undergoing Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Anger management, Life crises, Relationship issues, Academic problems, Learning problems, Behavioural issues, Child/ Adolescent counselling and other psychological problems



Individual Counselling is about you, who you are and what you want. Discuss and explore any area of your life with a counsellor over weekly sessions of 1 hour each. The number of sessions depends on the area you wish to address and your goals.

What does Individual Counselling involve? And How it works

Paying attention to yourself.

Let's get (7)Bloom mantra is about discovering yourself and finding your mantra, which in turn helps you bloom. It is about paying attention to yourself by discussing your thoughts and feelings about any area of your life that you may wish to explore and understand better in a safe and confidential setting.

A collaborative relationship with a professionally trained counsellor.

Your counsellor listens and seeks to understand your point of view, drawing from various counselling psychology theories and techniques, to facilitate a process that helps you gain clarity and look at the issue from different perspectives. Your counsellor helps you work towards your goals by forming a genuine, accepting and collaborative relationship with you. Successful counselling requires you to take responsibility for change in your life.

Finding your own answers.

 You are the expert in your own life. Your counsellor helps you discover mantra, your own answers instead of giving ready-made solutions or advice.

Benefits of  Individual Counselling

Let's get (27)In our experience, after counselling, people have shared that they “feel lighter”, “gain clarity”, “learn more about themselves and others”, “feel less stuck or overwhelmed”, “feel energized”, “feel good, positive and hopeful”, “take decisions and actions”, “see positive changes”, “improve relationships” and so on. Numerous research studies have also found counselling, in general, to be effective.

Understanding emotions and feeling comfortable:
Bottled up or unexpressed emotions can become more intense and confusing. Talking about these emotions freely helps you come to terms with them and feel more comfortable and ready to take action.


Neutrality and objectivity

Compared to family or friends,  talking to a counsellor brings in objectivity and helps you explore different perspectives. A counsellor does not impose his or her values or beliefs on you, instead of focusing on your own.

Increased self-awareness
A warm understanding relationship helps you accept yourself more fully and be true to yourself. This results in more self-aware and informed decisions and actions on your part.