Grassroot Challenge

GrassRoot challenge is all about fostering the leaders of tomorrow.

GRASS ROOT CHALLENGE is the brainchild of SHAAN SHAH, an aspiring student of Ashoka University, Delhi, pursuing Liberal Education along with Social entrepreneurship degree from Oxford University and an initiative by Bloom mantra.

In todays economic and work scenario, everyone thrives to be an entrepreneur. Idols like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and much more inspire youth to have their own start up. Simultaneously listening to world affairs and getting aware of different social issues that need to be tackled motivates youngster to be part of social change.

So why not expose student to Social entrepreneurship challenge that makes them see social problems that can be solved by a business solution, which could be profitable, and thus making it sustainable.

360 degree skill recognition & development

Grass root challenge is all about putting teenagers in a situation where they undergo 360-degree skill development.

  • Connecting students to come up with their leadership skills and managing their team, creativity, communication, mathematical, computing and data skills.
  • Making strong sustainable business plan that back up their social cause solution.
  • Learn why’s, How’s and what’s of Social Entrepreneurship.

Thus they will Recognize and develop their key strength and weakness. Which will in turn help with University Group discussion (university entrance) and for higher studies.

Program overview – workshop outcomes

Two day interactive workshop –
3 hours each + challenge presentation & competition.

  • A two day workshop based program that shall be held at their respective school on their convenient date & timings.
  • Team challenge: 8 – 10 teams /10 -12 students each team


  • What is entrepreneurship
  • Encouraging social entrepreneurship
  • Formatting Business plan
  • Idea generation
  • Marketing strategies
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Branding
  • SWOT analysis
  • Final presentation & challenge

Workshop details

  • It’s an interactive team based workshop.
  • It involves working on team based business plan while keeping into account a broad sweep of 360-degree skill development.
  • Active participation certificate to all participants & outstanding achievement certificate to winning team Bloom Mantra shall be handed over to every student.