Bloom Mantra adopts a unique and revolutionary approach that encourages teens to go on a path of self-discovery and explore the fast-evolving world of careers to find the perfect fit. The idea is to bring forth their ability, creativity and natural bent, rather than assess and judge their aptitude.

At Bloom Mantra, we endeavour to identify the unique potential of every teen and define a clear career path, which can prove to be the difference between confusion and confidence.

Your Success is within You!

Career Exploration Program

Our career exploration workshop gives directions & provides definite guidelines to teens, wherein their aspirations are mapped to their potential, career options are explored and a clear career roadmap is planned as unique as their personalities. Being young is a very beautiful and exciting time for teenagers life. This is the time they form lasting relationships with their friends and family. A time when they try and make sense of the world around them, and what they want to make of it. But what puts them off is a terrible confusion that tags along as they grow up. The most important issue that people seek their response on is ‘What do you plan to do next?’. Their dreams, their ambition, education, and their entire future flash by them in a millisecond. There is a chance they have an answer, but then there is an equal chance that they are still fishing in the dark. Simple questions rarely have simple answers.

At ‘Bloom Mantra’, we have worked out a really easy and uncomplicated way to deal with this simple question. We help them discover their talents, identify their interests, recognise their abilities, and map them to countless life and career opportunities. Our program will develop an in-depth understanding of their natural inclinations and skills so that they can chart out a professional career path that is in-sync with what they are as a person.

A module specially designed for teenagers at the cusp of making their most important academic and career decisions.

Career Exploration Program

Discover – Explore – Plan

Know Yourself

Identify your qualities, skills, interests and values for making important career choices.

Explore the World of Work

You will explore a range of jobs of interest to investigate the connections between education and work.

Plan Your Career Path

You will decide how to best connect your subject choices to possible future options.

University Connect

Decide and Prepare

Career Insight

Analyze your career option and get an in-depth understanding of the career selected. Select your academic subjects and start preparing for appropriate prerequisite.

Decision Making

Narrow down your career options and connect with Indian Universities by looking at various courses and their prerequisites. Create personalized plans for University admissions and their pre perquisites. Have Plan A and Plan B.

University Applications

Prepare your SOP and various other documents and start your Indian University application process with our expert’s help.

Parents Connect

Building the Bridge

Parent as a Partner

Understanding your child’s strengths and his likes and how as a parent you can be his ally.

Navigating the Career Journey Together

Understanding your child’s rebelliousness, understanding impact on your child and Navigating together as a team for a smooth and exciting career journey.

Supporting your Child’s Dream

Support your child’s goal and help him in achieving them.

Why an interactive student centric model followed by a globally standardize  online career assessment necessary for precise decision on career path?

Bloom mantra’s Career Exploration Program is based on Self -directed approach and Inside -out decision making. A child is leadthrough various assessments and activities where he discovers his interests, skills and motivators. The advantage of thisapproach is that the child develops a sense of ownership. At the end of the assessment it is the child who has discovers his/her strengths along with some computer score telling him his likes.This unique process also teaches the child how to identify his interests and skills.This additional approach is to look within yourself, at what you like to do, what is important to you, and what you are good at doing.

Such career decision-making from the “Inside-Out” can prove to be not only insightful, but also successful.