Bloom mantra is a dream venture started by Mansi Shah a Clinical Psychologist, Career Counsellor and a Consultant to educational institutions in amalgamation with Payal Samin Shah a certified educationist who has carved a niche in the field of education with an objective to help individual and an institution find direction.

Bloom mantra is an organization providing Career Counselling, Indian University connect (understanding prerequisite and applying to various Indian Universities), psychological and psychosocial counselling services, which helps individual to design the life they love.

Bloom mantra adopts a unique and revolutionary approach that encourages teens to go on a path of self-discovery and explore the fast-evolving world of careers to find the perfect fit.

Bloom mantra helps individuals and organizations find direction and develop positively through counselling and consulting.

Our ideology is to enable an individual to discover their journey.

We enable you to find your mantra, which helps you to bloom.

Bloom mantra is fully committed to the emotional well-being and psychologically healthy and balanced lives of an individual

Mansi Shah has worked in schools in Mumbai and Ahmedabad setting up counselling centers and working with slow learners and children showing emotional difficulties, behavioural problems, attention deficit disorders, hyperactivity and learning difficulties across all ages.

In 2012 she had the opportunity to undertake training in Australia, which introduced her to the Australian Blueprint for Career Development. Since then she has developed a career education curriculum framework suitable for use in India and introduced pilot career education and development programs in schools.

With her dream to start her own practice, she started her venture of Bloom mantra where she believes in designing life, that one loves.

At bloom mantra, she is a psychological counselor, coach, mentor and also a career counsellor, trainer and career consultant to organizations and schools in school engagement and support and assisting with the implementation of psychological counseling, career education and development programs